Predictions for Games of December 3, 2016

Again, I hope you weren’t relying on my posting my predictions to place bets, since I didn’t post these predictions until after the Friday games were played (of course, all you need to calculate point spreads is right there on the rankings page). Of course, I’ve advised you before not to bet based on my predictions, although that advice is looking less strong now that xHPI has recorded its third straight week of winning predictions (see below).

Here are the predictions:

Favorite Margin Underdog
W. Michigan 17.29 Ohio
Washington 2.46 Colorado
Kansas State 0.64 TCU
Troy 8.05 Georgia Southern
Temple 1.55 Navy
Western Kentucky 8.91 Louisiana Tech
Oklahoma 8.01 Oklahoma State
South Alabama 12.95 New Mexico State
Louisiana-Lafayette 2.92 Louisiana-Monroe
West Virginia 11.72 Baylor
Alabama 21.83 Florida
Idaho 2.89 Georgia State
Arkansas State 23.43 Texas State
San Diego State 3.36 Wyoming
Clemson 10.71 Virginia Tech
Wisconsin 6.01 Penn State


As mentioned above, last week was again strong for xHPI’s predictions. xHPI went 33-26-2 against the spread, and 39-22 straight-up. For the three weeks I’ve been tracking predictions, xHPI is 94-78-5 against the spread (54.65%) and 115-62 straight-up (64.97%).

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